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As a firearm owner, hunter and shooter we realize the importance of keeping a clean safe and functioning firearm. In a long search to find an outfit to clean, service and maintain our firearms we came up empty handed. Our belief and research showed us that there are a lot of individuals that desired the need to have a company that would clean and maintain their firearms. Our clients either don’t have time to clean their firearm, don’t have the proper tools, don’t know how or just simply don’t want to clean the firearm. A clean gun is an accurate, safe, and reliable gun! The Gun Cleaners was created to clean weapons. TGC strives to clean firearms for all its clients and provides any gunsmith needs. TGC also sales firearms and accessories to its clients and provides all necessary information needed to ensure the proper purchase. TGC staff also ensures that the client understands the firearm inside and out so that the weapon can be used safely and effectively. Further TGC is committed to customer service and their local communities. We are a company that is based on the commitment and hard work of our local store owners. We at TGC are your local source for gun care needs owned by members of your community.

We are not just professional gun cleaners, but we are also 2nd Amendment Supporters, Firearm Owners, and Veterans.

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The Gun Cleaners of Deer Park

Ben, retired from the U.S. Army in July of 2015. A Deer Park, TX native who is a Franchisee of “The Gun Cleaners “and has been a Texas Certified LTC Instructor for over 15 years. In May 1998, CPT. Whitfield graduated from UNC Elizabeth City as a Student Athlete. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy Reserves in May 1993 while still attending Deer Park High School, as an Air Traffic Controller.  After Graduation CPT. Whitfield went active duty as a Controller in NAS Key West. In 2004 CPT. Whitfield went Blue to Green and entered the U. S.  Army as a Infantry Soldier. He earned his Master’s in Education in 2004. During his career on Active Status CPT Whitfield Deployed Multiple times in multiple areas of operations. As a Commander He Commanded 5 Companies and took three of them to Combat. Ben is Married to Angie Whitfield and they have three children together Macie, Madilyn and Maverick.

The Gun Cleaners of Deer Park
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Please contact The Gun Cleaners of Deer Park for info on our cleaning services, firearm and accessory sales, or with any other questions, comments or concerns . Please fill out the contact form below and a store representative will get back to you within 24 hours of your request.

Please make a note to call or email before they arrive.  I do not want to alarm neighbors and have police called.

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